Alphabetical List of Kohlenberger Associates Clients

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Company Name


Aerojet Electronic Systems
Azusa, California
Design of prototype ammonia refrigeration system
for Metrorail.
Aero Methods
Santa Fe Springs, California
Design of mobile HVAC ground support unit for military use on the F22 airplane - United States Air Force.
Alliant Foodservice Inc.
San Diego, California
Facility analysis and recommendations for large scale
food service/distribution company.
Alpha Therapeutic
Los Angeles, California
Sterile filtration and filling building. HVAC and clean
room system design.
Alta Dena Dairy
Industry, California
Design of refrigeration system for new City of Industry plant expansion.
American Cogen Technology
Modesto, California
Preliminary design, business plan, financial analysis
for (2) Salinas Valley major produce process cooling/
storage facilities, with 50row cogeneration plants and
3000 ton refrigeration system.
American Standard, Inc.
Torrance, California
Cogeneration feasibility study for kiln waste heat.
Army/Air Force Exchange Service
Dallas, Texas - Army/Air Force Depot
Gruenstadt, Germany
Preliminary design and economic feasibility study for
ice cream, meat & bakery products production and
160,000 s.f. refrigerated distribution warehouse.
Artic Cold Storage
Santa Fe Springs, California
Feasibility study, preliminary design for new cold
cold storage facility (36,000 sq. ft.)
Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO)
Los Angeles, California
California Energy (Title 24) Analysis and HVAC designs for mini-markets.
ARCO/Watson Cogeneration Co.
Wilmington, California
(4) GE Frame 7 Turbine inlet cooling feasibility
study/system design.
Bechtel Corporation
Los Angeles, California
Armour & Company beef killing, fabricating and
storage facility.
Biola University
La Mirada, California
Music hall central HVAC system design.
Bowie Pie Company
Los Angeles, California
Pie making, freezing, storage. Pie crust baking and production.
California Ammonia Co.
Stockton, California
System design/upgrades for 6000 TR fruit
precooling/storage terminal.
Cal Lutheran Homes
Alhambra, California
Cogen facility & system analysis for multiple retirement
facility network.
Case-Swayne Company
Santa Aria, California
Vegetable canning, processing, freezing storage.
Carnation Company
Jefferson, Wisconsin
Cold storage expansion - new freezer system design.
Carnation Company
Trenton, Missouri
Refrigeration system energy analysis, new machine
room and freezer expansion design. Refrigeration control/energy management system design. 300,000 s.f. food processing facility.
Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
La Habra, California
Air conditioning system for new laboratory and office
Ciba-Geigy Composites
Costa Mesa, California
Design of high temperature thermal liquid New freezer storage addition.heat exchange system for mixers. Air pollution and ventilation analysis and study.
Commodity Forwarders, Inc.
Los Angeles, California
Design of cold storage/freezer/staging area for food
distribution center.
Country Pride Foods (CONAGRA)
Long Beach, California
New freezer storage addition.
Anaheim, California
"Splash Mountain" HVAC system economic comparisons,
Dreyer's Grand ice Cream
Los Angeles, California
New plant refrigeration system and freezer expansion
design - 12 million gallon per year facility.
First Presbyterian Church
Fullerton, California
Sanctuary and new building HVAC system design.
Grimmway Farms
Arvin, California
Carrot processing, tunnel freezing, freezer storage
and distribution facility.
Ice Capades
17 USA Facilities
Ice rink system design, troubleshooting & refurbishment.  Energy audits/microprocessor energy management systems.
Jerseymaid Dairies
Commerce, California
Floor heaving analysis for dairy facility.
Johnston Pie Co.
(Ward Baking Co.)
Los Angeles, California
Pie making, freezing, storage. Pie crust preparation
and production.
Kilauea Agronomics Inc.
Kilauea, Kaual, Hawaii
Fresh prawn processing and freezing plant. Design
included site work, building & offices.
Kraft, Inc.
Buena Park, California
Design of main plant refrigeration and water chilling
Larry's Foods Company
Los Angeles, California
Variety of food processing, freezing, storage systems and sub-system design.
Louis Rich Foods
West Liberty, IA/Modesto, CA
Poultry processing, freezing, storage.
Lucky Stores, Inc.
Buena Park, California
Frozen food warehouse system, dell meats cooler storage
Mariscos Tropicales, S.A.
Mazatlan, Mexico
Shrimp processing, freezing.
Marshburn Farms
Norwalk, California
Carrot processing, tunnel freezing and freezer storage.
McAulay & Wallace Mortuary
Fullerton, California
HVAC system upgrades.
Merchants Refrigerating Co.
La Habra, Modesto, California
Freezer warehouse expansion. Freezer system problem analysis.
Mesa Consolidated Water District
Costa Mesa, California
Muffler design for engine silencing and noise reduction for water district pump facility.
Modern Ice and Cold Storage Co.
San Jose, California
Fruit precooling, frozen food warehouse.
Narmco Materials, Subsidiary
of Hoescht Celanese Corporation
Air pollution and ventilation study. Scrubber system
analysis. Ventilation system & pollution abatement design.
Los Angeles, California
Process systems design.
New York Meats & Provisions Co.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Meat fabricating and storage.
Orval Kent Foods (Pet Inc.)
Vernon, California
Process refrigeration system analysis,
re-design/upgrades, lasagna process freezing.
Ontario, California
6000 MBTUH fume incineration, pollution control
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Costa Mesa, California
Under-floor perimeter HVAC system analysis.
Oxnard Frozen Foods
Oxnard, California
Vegetable processing, freezing, storage.
Pacific Cold Storage
Vernon, California
Design of 40,000 sq. ft. freezer/cooler warehouse
and distribution center.
Pacific Energy
Commerce, California
Cold storage/freezer facility analysis and design.
Pandol Brothers
Delano, California
Preliminary study/design of grape precooling and
storage facility.     
Pocino Foods Company
Industry, California
Analysis of humidity control/meat line.
Poppy Food Company
Los Angeles, California
Poultry processing, freezing, storage, public cold
Power Systems
Los Angeles, California
Engine/fuel analysis for Caterpillar engine - Los Amigos.
Promarsa (Cia Promotora y
Exportadora) de Marlscos de B,
Ensenada, Mexico
Fish processing, freezing.
Ralphs Grocery Company
Los Angeles, California
Central facility refrigeration system energy analysis, energy upgrade System design, energy management system, lighting analysis, and upgrade. 300,000 s.f. food processing and distribution facility. Bakery plant conceptual design, beverage distribution and layout.
Ruppert-Certifresh Foods
Norwalk, California
Fish processing, breading, freezing, cooking storage.
San Pedro Frozen Foods
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Pineapple, vegetable, processing, freezing.
Sandia Laboratories Albuquerque, New Mexico Central refrigeration system for environmental test chambers.
Southern California Edison Co. Rosemead, California Comprehensive energy study/audit - J.C. Penny Hdqtrs. Facility, Buena Park, California. Low temperature thermal energy storage feasibility study.
Southern California Gas Co
Los Angeles, California
Multiple facility analysis for gas usage - Santee Dairies, Workman Enterprises, Grimmway Farms, Haagen Dazs.
Puerto Rico
Refrigeration system analysis, system design upgrade for freezer expansion, chilled water HVAC system design - 600 ton per day tuna plant, (world's largest).
Freezer startup troubleshooting, new two-stage refrigeration system design, system energy analysis and safety audit - 500 ton per day tuna plant.
Ontario, California
Engineering energy study - freezer warehouse.
Sverdrup Facilities, Inc.
Costa Mesa, California
Camino Real Foods - RMPP proposal for City of Vernon.
Sweetheart Cup Co.
Riverside, California
Silo analysis - recommendations and future use capabilities.
San Juan Capistrano, California
Design of Ammonia Thermal Conditioning System.
U.N. Patman Company
Los Angeles, California
Meat fabricating, cooking, freezing, storage.
U.S. Growers Cold Storage Vernon, California Design of 1000 ton absorption refrigeration plant to interface with major freezer/cooler distribution center.
Brea, California
Latent heat ice storage system for 2000 ton air
conditioning system.